girl on the other side.

before i even got through the door to the dean's office, lizzie was waving and grinning, as if she knew me, as if we were friends. she had just returned from her spring break trip to vegas.

me: "how was it? did you have fun?"
her: "yes, it was really fun."
me: "cool. i'm glad."
her: "what about you? what have you been upto?"
me: "oh, you know. just working (lie)."
her: "yeah."
me: "i made a boogie nights quiz on facebook. you should take it. have you seen it?"
her: "no. oh. the movie? yeah."
me: "alright. i'll see you later."
her: "later."

i sometimes wish that our brief encounters didn't always have to be so painfully awkward, but i guess i kind of treasure them because they are.

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