great big elephant turd.

you there. you are going to die. did you know that? it may be tonight. it may be tomorrow, or else fifty years from now, but it will happen. have you really thought that one through? you will die. you will cease to exist. do you realize the severity of that fact, the finality of it? you'll never have the opportunity to bungee jump, to fuck, to visit uzbekistan, to watch an elephant take a shit ever again. isn't that crazy? everything amazing that you could be doing right at this very moment, you will never ever get to do again. you will be dead.

you there. you are worried about what other people think of you. you are worried about failing that class, not getting that job, not getting that letter of acceptance. you are worried about the economy and getting sick and having a relatively non-existent social life. and one day, it won't even matter. none of it will matter. we are human beings. we are supposed to be running around, marveling at the world, doing all kinds of crazy shit, but instead, we spend our days looking at shadows.

you there. you spent most of your childhood in a house. a fucking house, can you believe it? a house where no one was ever around. you spent most of your time interacting with a television and computer than you did with actual people. a commercial jingle probably stimulates your brain more than your cousin's voice. you probably didn't know your mailman's name. you didn't know who made your clothes, or where your food came from. you had air-conditioning, and you fell asleep with the television on.

you there. you are going to die. have you forgotten that part already? so, why aren't you being more cordial toward other human beings? you may joke and say that you are already in hell, but trust me, if there is a real hell, you don't want to end up there. this is serious business. there are things you won't ever get to do again. you won't be able to take a hot bath or eat a really good burrito. this is all going to end, and you aren't doing a thing about it. when will you do something?

you there. i really hope this means something to you.

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