how does inflation work?

"i'm originally from denver."
"denver is getting bad, i hear."
"yeah, everything is closing down. it's terrible."
"we've definitely stumbled upon the new great depression."
"i wonder what happens when inflation kicks in."
"it's gonna get real ugly."
"but what about inflation? how does inflation work?"
"you got me."
"once inflation happens, that ruins everything."
"everyone fills up their piggy banks, and it all falls apart."
"and the media totally downplays what's going on. i mean, what's really happening."
"definitely. they do."
"i just can't believe it."
"my uncle told me he saw three men jump out the window in denver."
"yeah. in 1929."
"and there was that guy who killed his whole family."
"yeah, i heard about that. what a mess."
"a real nightmare."

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