i used to go here.

there is this asian kid who works for seattle university. he works for the catering services, bon appetit. on mondays, he delivers cookies and lemonade to our social justice mondays events. a few mondays ago, we had the event in a different room. i caught him in the elevator and told him about the room change. "thanks," he said, "i would've found it eventually." "no problem," i said. he had to wait for the elevator, and i took the stairs. i was sitting in the room when he arrived. "so, we meet again!" he said, very lively.

he is a skinny kid and he is usually wearing his black bon appetit jacket. he has big hair that makes him look like an anime character. sue me if it's racist to think that. yesterday, we had pizzas delivered for our event. he showed up with cookies and the cambros of lemonade and water. "you're trying to show me up," he said. "all i got is cookies. how am i gonna compete with that?" i told him i didn't know.

i took the empty cart that i used for the pizzas to the elevator. he also took the elevator. "so," i said, "are you a student here, too?" he shook his head. "undergrad?" "no," he said. "i used to go here, but not anymore." just like me! i thought. "what year did you graduate?" "'04," he said. "oh, i was '05." he nodded. "yep. i just never had the incentive to leave." i nodded. "i mean, how can you turn down free food?" he shrugged his shoulders and left.

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