math would be necessary.

lisa came in to talk about how she hates children. there was a little two year-old in her office, and all these women were stopping to say how adorable the kid was. lisa did not like it. "they were even stopping to take pictures of him! who does that?" she said that the kid would even sneak behind her desk, and then she motioned with her foot how she would've liked to kick him away. lisa really does not like kids.

emily thinks that when laura closes her office door, it sounds "angry." laura closes her door rather swiftly, and it almost comes across as a slam each time. laura is never angry about anything, but i would agree. sometimes her closing her door makes it sound like she is angry. last week, an eighth grade boy wrote to the law school, asking how math would be necessary to learn as a lawyer. laura said she would be "delighted" to answer the boy's letter. laura is not an angry person.

arliss came in to talk about three movies he does not like. they include: there will be blood, no country for old men, and mulholland drive. he added that he did not like friday night lights. emily and i groaned in disagreement with arliss' poor judgment. however, i should clarify that he didn't find the movies completely disagreeable. he just did not like their endings. arliss said that if i ever wanted to go to a shooting range, he is the guy that i should go with.

both lisa and arliss came in at different parts of the day on wednesday to say how much they adore erin, a woman who works in my office. erin is always upbeat and super friendly. she is always smiling and laughing about something. even when she ruined the car she was planning on selling, she complained a little bit, but then apologized and said, "i shouldn't be bothering you guys with this crap. i'll get over it." such a positive and inspiring outlook erin has on life.

yesterday, emily and i decided on nicknames for a small group of students that frequent our office. they include: tone-it-down (a woman who wears too much perfume), tobias (a guy who talks like david cross' character on arrested development), emily's bff (this arrogant guy who both emily and i cannot stand), winnie cooper (a girl who looks like said character from the wonder years), and the asshole (a guy who wrote a really condescending response to one of emily's emails). i have found that giving students nicknames makes things more interesting.

these small interactions and short conversations are the only reasons i bother coming in at all.

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