fish fry.

for lunch today, meagan wanted to go to the fish fry. the fish fry was an okay place until we went there today. they open at 11:30 a.m., but when we arrived there exactly at 11:30 a.m., the two workers were standing outside the little hole-in-the-wall talking to some tall dude. the tall dude must have realized his buddies had customers because the tall dude said he had to get going. the two workers must have been irritated that we had decided to show up right when they opened because they shot straight into the shop and gave a half-assed, "how ya doin."

then, they blasted the jesus and mary chain's "just like honey" at full volume. meagan tried to say something and i couldn't hear her. i like to think that these two white asshole hipsters were just rocking out to the jesus and mary chain - hey, i like jmc just as much as the next guy - but i also think they were expressing their annoyance in a not-so-passive-aggressive way. i didn't get up to ask them to turn it down because i rather would have liked to spit in their faces. meagan asked them to turn down the volume.

i got upset and i told meagan how jaspreet had told me the night before that everyone in india was so polite. any time one enters a store or restaurant in india, one is treated like an actual human being. imagine that! in the philippines as well, any time i entered a store or restaurant - even if i looked like a scrub with no money - i was greeted with a "hello, sir." decency, can you dig it? under no circumstances should any two clerks be able to play music so loudly at a restaurant (at 11:30 in the fucking morning nonetheless) that they render their patrons utterly incapable of hearing one another.

in addition to their sodomite-inspired inhospitality, the two jackasses oversalted the fries. i refuse to eat there ever again. may the dumpy hole-in-the-wall next to neumo's suffer a fate worse than that of its far superior predecessor's, belgian frites.

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