potential kill screen coming.

last night, i watched this documentary called king of kong: a fistful of quarters. it was about this guy who wanted to get the high score for donkey kong. what it was really about, though, is how people get so obsessed about things, even stupid things, like donkey kong. okay, well donkey kong isn't that stupid. according to the film, it requires really good skill and exceptional hand-eye coordination. the film also stated that most of the early video games required actual skills such as hand-eye, timing, and reaction. i found this hilarious, since the games of today (i.e. call of duty, grand theft auto, manhunt) just teach people that human life is worthless.

anyway, i found the movie fascinating because the people in it weren't just some geeks off the street obsessed with playing donkey kong. the two main characters were fully grown men with jobs and wives. it got me thinking about how people today can get so obsessed with the most ridiculous things. the other day, i watched a comedy called role models, and one of the characters was obsessed with laire, a real live role-playing game where people dress up as knights and attack each other with plastic swords. it is all too real.

recently, i talked to my cousin about the new street fighter 4 game. i told him that i didn't see the difference between the new one and the older one (street fighter 2). he told me some of the differences, and i had no idea what he was talking about. for example, he said that a player could now "cancel a focus attack on a shoryuken." in response, i essentially called him a nerd, and consequently, he got upset. he told me that i had always given him a condescending attitude when it came to his other games and hobbies before even giving them a try (i.e. risk, world of warcaft, etc.).

i've never gotten into world of warcraft or dungeons & dragons. not because i was afraid of what people would think of me, but because the games looked really complicated and boring. when i was younger, i bought a pack of magic: the gathering cards, thinking that i would get into it. but the cards looked stupid. and there were just way too many fucking rules. i bought pogs instead. pogs i could understand. you hit the pogs with a slammer, and whichever ones fell face up, you got to keep. even today, if i'm going to play a video game, i just want to shoot shit and not get lost. even reading the map on grand theft auto is pushing it.

maybe i am more american than i thought.

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