talented, gifted children.

"hello, and thank you for coming to this meeting."
my pleasure. no problem. thanks for having us.
"as you know, poor fools think that they deserve what we have."
yes, it is an outrage. it's communism is what it is.
"i have created a proposal to keep them in their place."
let's hear what you've got.
"well, to start things off, we will first look at education. teachers who want to work with troubled youth in underfunded schools will be given the lowest pay."
that's a terrific idea.
i agree.
"schools that perform below average will also receive less funding."
those sames schools that are already struggling. ingenious!
i have a concern. what about schools that have some of our own in them by some sort of regional planning accident?
"it's quite simple. we create a program that separates our students from the rest. we'll call it something like 'special' or 'gifted.'"
but that sounds like you're talking about retarded children.
"you're right. how about something like 'honors?'"
brilliant. an honors program where our children can go.
what if one of the
others rises to the top?
"these abnormalities we shall refer to as 'tokens,' and their mere presence will allow us to quell any suspicions about our plans of segregation."
okay, enough about education. what's next?
yeah, this is boring. let's move on.

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