tom is clearly a cat.

people at the office have recently become very obsessed with the march madness pool. sometimes, two coworkers will talk about their picks and teams for a good twenty minutes to half an hour.

i added lizzie as a friend on facebook. i think this made her think that she didn't have to be so formal when answering my calls. "heyyy," she said. "lisa?" i answered. "no, lizzie," she said.

during my lunch break, i went to jaspreet's apartment. she asked me to water her plants and bring in her mail while she is india. i watched a little bit of tom and jerry. in the episode, this brown vulture was trying to make out with tom. tom had a horn over his mouth for some reason, and the vulture mistook tom for another bird, even though tom is clearly a cat.

i changed channels. there was the barefoot contessa, a news segment about how the seattle p-i is now officially defunct, a slam dunk contest, some dna criminal show, world's most amazing videos, and finally, i settled on a repeat of a uconn/syracuse game.

i am on the computer all day. i wonder what kind of effect this will have on me.

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