turbines for my meat jet.

me: you need to sign up for gmail, so we can gchat.
lisa: i don't want to. i don't want two different accounts.
me: but look, you can have all these themes for your account.
lisa: hmm, that's interesting.
me: see, bus stop changes with the weather.
lisa: how does it know where i am?
me: you type in "seattle."
lisa: oh, that is cool.
me: and when it's raining outside, the little people hold umbrellas.
lisa: instead of a giant ice cream cone?
me: yeah.
lisa: turbines for your meat jet?
me: what? oh, that's spam. i don't know what that is.
lisa: sure you don't.
me: it usually sends those emails directly to spam.
lisa: well, look what gmail can't do!

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