characters on my bus route.

filipino elvis:
there's a nurse who rides the 9 with me, and i see him just about every morning. i know he is a nurse because he wears blue scrubs, and i know he wants to be elvis because of his giant gold sunglasses. even when there are seats available, he prefers to stand. he likes to stand by the backdoor. i inspected his hair closely one day, and i came to the conclusion that he is wearing a toupee. he speaks in tagalog with some other filipinos who also ride the 9.

the skirt:
there's a girl who always wears knee-length skirts, no matter what the weather is. it could be raining and freezing out, and she'll still be wearing a skirt, usually with a jean jacket to cover her top. she's a pretty girl, and i think that she is half black. she rides the 9 almost every morning, too, and she usually sits near the front. sometimes, when the front is too full, she will stand, and all the guys in the back will be checking her out. once, the bus driver asked if anyone knew sign language, and she was the only one to sheepishly raise her hand. i don't think she ended up having to translate.

twin girls in grade school:
there are twins who ride the 9 every morning, and they go to bailey gatzert elementary. they somehow always manage to find a seat up front, and the bus driver tries to make sure that others get up and give them a seat because they are small. the adults around usually chit-chat with them, and while i can't speak for everyone, i think that most everyone is impressed that two little white girls manage to take a south-end bus all by themselves.

the mixed race gossip girls:
there are two girls who sit at the back with me. one appears to be half-asian, or else half-hawaiian, and the other is either full black or half-black. from the conversations i've overheard, they are both juniors or seniors in high school, and they are always talking about their classmates. they like to text a lot, and when one girl isn't there for the ride, the other will listen to music, read, or do homework. when they are both there, however, they will talk incessantly.

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