eating foil the day jesus died.

i spent good friday watching television shows on my laptop. i went to the hat for a burrito, but i ordered it to go.

are you afraid to eat by yourself?
no, i just don't want to look like a loser.

i went to the shola market, as i felt i deserved a pepsi. the clerk was watching nba basketball on a small television. sometimes, i want to stay there and watch with him.

why don't you sit? stay, stay!
no, no. it will be weird. i must be on my way. nobody is waiting for me!

i ate my burrito, and i tasted something metallic. a few minutes later, i saw that pieces of the aluminum wrapper had come off.

is this bad? will that stuff not pass through my system? will it develop into something awful?
no, you'll be fine. kids eat that shit all the time, what with it being so shiny and all.

i picked lint from the pockets of my sweatshirt and threw it at the brick wall. i watched some more tv.

why can't my job be more entertaining like the office? t.v. is making me want things i wouldn't normally want - or would i?

i played the guitar, trying out another failure of a song.

am i being funny and ironic, or am i trying to be honest, and the joke is on me?

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