it's sac.

jesus and judas were hella bored in sac-town. it was a school night, tuesday or a thursday, and there wasn't shit to do, ya dig? they decided to take the old white corolla out for a drive, maybe hotbox it. no, definitely hotbox it. they drove around the suburbs, filling that shit up again and again, until the bag was getting lighter. it was some crazy shit, but it was better than sitting in class, bored, sitting at home, bored. they were gonna get ripped out their fucking skulls, ya feel? it finally kicked in a bit. "wait, wait," judas said, "i think this is the school where my cuz works. let's see if she's working."

they pulled into the school's parking lot. it was a school or a daycare, neither of them knew. they were private school kids - who gave a shit about some public school in rosemont? not them. judas found some woman walking around, or maybe she was taking a cig break. he couldn't remember. duh. he asked her if his cousin was around. "umm, i don't know who you're talking about." "oh. oh. thanks," judas said. he walked away very awkwardly, hands behind his back like he was hiding something. he wasn't hiding anything. he was out of it. he was floating.

they got back in the car, and drove around some more. "this is all we're gonna do? just drive around?" "what you wanna do, man?" "man, i'm so sick of that question. 'what you wanna do?' what you wanna do?' there ain't shit to do. ever!" "i know, man. it's sac. what you expect?" "let's go to the record store." they headed towards the local record store. "you feel anything?" "yeah, i'm pretty high." "me too, man!" they started laughing, two little jewish boys in a busted old corolla. they were feeling and acting silly, hehehe.

"turn around, man! i gotta get home!" "what? i thought you wanted to go to the record store!" "no, dude. i'm way too out of it. i can't be around people right now!" "ahh, man. being in public is the best!" they turned around. across the street from the 7-11, there was a girl standing on the sidewalk in front of a preschool. "man, what's that girl doing? she's just standing there. she's just waiting!" they laughed so hard they could cry. "shit, man. how long does this last?" "depends on how much you smoked." "we smoked a lot." "yeah, we did." hehehe.

for the next two or three, maybe five hours, they sat and watched a basketball game. who was playing? who won? they couldn't remember. "i should probably get going. i got homework to do." "yeah, me too, man. me too."

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