meeting the neighbors.

because i can count more fingers on one hand than i can the number of actual friends i have in seattle, i decided i should try and meet my neighbors. the four of us went to lottie's in columbia city to have drinks. shel and maya had dinner with their drinks, and the dude, steph, who lives next to me, had a dark and stormy. i had two heinekkens.

maya and i bonded over the wire. she has finished the first season, and is excited to watch the next four. shel and i bonded over being filipino, and we talked about wowowee. steph is thirty-six and a teacher, so we had nothing to talk about, really. he had to leave early so he could wake up and go teach in sammamish. he teaches at a private school.

maya works at a library, but she's not a librarian. shel works for a nonprofit. generally, they all seemed like they were kind of "eh" about their jobs. they were really passionate about food. i asked if they had tried willie's taste of soul, and they all said yes and that it was good. they also said there is a a truck that is called the skillet, and it is like a taco truck, but it actually serves gourmet food. "cash only, and get there early," maya said.

i asked steph about his sister, who lives in california. "what's she do?" i asked. "as far as i know, she grows marijuana," he said. i thought that her chosen lifestyle was awesome, but i could see that he was disappointed in her decision, so i didn't respond. maya said she lived in the c.d. at one point. i asked how she liked that.

maya said she didn't like the c.d. much. "people kind of just go home and hardly ever go out." i told her that a man used to bang on the door next to my house in the c.d., and that he would scream "ronald! ronald! open the goddamn door!" and that people sometimes tried to sleep underneath the stairs. i didn't want to come across like the homeless and crackheads inconvenienced my year in the central district, but i am sure that is exactly how i came across.

all in all, it was a good night. it was nice to meet new people. it is a small, good thing to try to not be such a misanthrope.

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beastmomma said...

Good job socializing! It sounds like things went well.