on the field, ready to go.

today was sunny. it made me want to be someplace that is sunny all the time. some of my friends have been thinking about relocating, as they are beginning to realize that seattle is not the place for them. they will name a place, and then they will say, "i might be able to live there." it is all a part of being restless and being in one's mid-twenties. i could live anywhere, as long as i had the right support group, and if i felt like i was a part of a community. but as of now, the closest thing i have to community is a small group of folks who are making plans to go live someplace else. and i'm doing the same.

there were black kids and mexican kids playing basketball at genessee park. there were white girls with white baseball caps playing tennis. on the seattle university baseball field, some girls were sunbathing in swimsuits, while boys nearby threw baseballs and footballs around. undergrads were sitting by the reflection pool, and they were reading books, highlighting, taking notes. there were colleagues, walking side by side and talking about things. the sun glinted off the windows on the uppermost floors of tall buildings. there was a slight breeze, but mostly, it was calm.

it was about 69 degrees fahrenheit. i walked and listened to the zidane: a 21st century portrait soundtrack. i want to play soccer on a field and blast that soundtrack. i wanted a hundred cameras capturing my most pointless movements. i wanted to break into newly constructed condos and have someone take my picture while i was standing on the top floor. the series would be called: i get myself into some crazy things. it would be something to do. something to pass the time.

i should've gone running tonight.

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