she shows up and i'm not there.

seattle has been warm and sunny the past three days. i am a simple human being. i went running the past two evenings. i dirtied up my shoes, and i bought a new stick of tom's lemongrass deodorant. i have been busy at my job, and this makes the time go by quickly. it feels like summer is here, and i am happy about that. the days are longer, and i like that. i buy an orange every now and then because i feel like i need some fruit and some vitamin c. i made the extra effort to go up to madison market - instead of the usual, qfc - to get an orange, and it was much juicier.

i knew nothing about men's ncaa basketball, but i had the winning office pool bracket. the director of cpd gave me a $50 gift card to nordstroms. i am thinking i will buy a pair of nice running shoes, so that i can keep running. i think i would've made a good runner in high school. i should've done cross country, or else track and field. i think i could've made more friends that way, and i could have been more confident and more physically fit. it is a good thing to be physically fit. one can live longer and see more sunny days like the last three days.

mom called the other day to say her aunt died. she didn't know her well, and i didn't know her well, so we didn't mourn. it was a strange thing to not mourn someone. they are going to the funeral on thursday, and my dad wants to go to gilroy afterward. he wants to buy a pair of shoes at the gilroy outlets. i think that he wants to go to the bass outlet for his pair of shoes. i don't know why he likes bass shoes so much.

i got to come into work late today, since i had to stay late for a meeting. it was nice to wake up at 7:41 a.m. and then go back to sleep. though, it was so sunny out, i thought for a second that i should run. i should've ran, but i didn't. i went back to sleep. i woke up at 9:30 a.m., and i hit the snooze button. can you imagine? i boiled some eggs to make an egg salad sandwich for lunch. i try not to eat eggs so much, as i hear they raise your cholesterol. and i add salt and mayonnaise, too - that can't possibly be healthy. hence, the running.

i called onebusaway ( to see when the 9 would come next, but apparently, it stopped running around 10 a.m. normally, i would've been upset about this, but since it was so sunny out, i didn't care. i thought to myself, i can walk in the sun and that will do me good. i knew then what people talk about when they talk about a silver lining. i got on the bus, and i was the most well-dressed person on the bus. i don't like it when that happens, as i feel like i am trying to say that i am better than other people. but what else can one expect at 10:30 a.m. on a bus headed downtown? the commuters at that hour are most likely unemployed.

when i showed up at work, emily and aileen were sitting at their desks. they said hello, and i said good morning. aileen said that it's always weird in those rare occasions where she shows up and i'm not there. it throws her off, she said. it made me feel good, like somebody cared whether i showed up or not. it is easy to forget that my presence matters. there was a letter on my keyboard marked winner, and it had the $50 gift card in it. emily showed me hers, and it was marked loser. that makes mine much cooler, she said. we laughed at that.

i hope that we can laugh some more tomorrow.

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