strangers in a strange, strange land.

what do you think? should we stay here?
what? you wanna go back already?
no, i was just wondering what you were thinking.
why would you wanna go back?
i didn't say i wanted to go back. i was just asking if you thought we should stay here.
i like it. it's ok.
so, you want to stay then?
maybe for a little while. we'll get jobs and save money.
what kind of jobs will we get? we don't even speak the language!
we'll go to school, and we'll learn the language.
but we learned the language back home, and we still don't know the language.
but it will be different here. we'll be forced to speak the language all the time.
we should be speaking the language now.
okay. start.
you start.
no, it'll be weird. we'll make friends who speak the language first, and we'll learn that way.
how are we gonna make friends if we can't speak the language?
that's what i'm saying. we'll learn it if we make friends who already speak the language.
no one here even looks like us.
so, what? you want to go back?
i didn't say that. i'm just saying. we look different. people look at us like we're different.
we are different! what's the problem?
i don't know. it's strange.
but what you don't realize, is that this place is always talking about acceptance and opportunity.
i don't feel accepted.
you've only been here a short while. it will take some time to feel accepted.
maybe when we learn the language, we will feel accepted.
yes, maybe.
our clothes are different, too. we should get new clothes.
with what money?
the money we'll get from our jobs.
how are we gonna get jobs with what we're wearing?
i don't know, maybe we can borrow some from somebody.
we don't even know anyone here!
give it some time. you come to a new place, and already you are expecting such things?
yes, yes. a job, friends, clothes, money, acceptance! how long must we wait for it?
just wait. it will come.

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