full moon at alki beach.

we were walking along the scenic path in alki, the one that overlooks the water and the city. there are big condos with big windows, and the owners displayed their big screen tvs and all the other things they owned. "so, that's what it's come to?" she said. "your life becomes so boring that you just have to show off all the shit you have?" we walked a little further and there was an exercise bike in one of the windows. "now he can pretend he's outside," she said. "you must really hate people," i said. "i don't know," she said, "i don't know why i'm being like this."

there was a stretch hummer parked in front of a restaurant. three girls ran up to the hummer, and one of them started pulling up her skirt. before i knew it, she was showing us her bare ass. we walked by and didn't say anything. they were drunk and giggling and yelling about stuff. a couple of priviledged girls on prom night who didn't know what to do other than moon strangers. they got in the stretch hummer, and who knows why? maybe they saw something like it on mtv.

i used to be above all that, but now i think i'm just as simple. i've been trying to live some life i've seen on tv.

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