have you been
taken care of?

i started walking to the pcc because i needed bread. it was cold and rainy. i made it about a block and a half, and then i thought forget it, and i walked back. i went into the hat (el sombrero) to get a burrito. "for one? or to go?" the waiter asked me. "to go," i said. "would you like a menu?" i looked behind me and grabbed a menu. "have a seat anywhere," he said. i took a seat at a large empty table. next to me, there was a family of four. minutes later, another family of four came through the door, and i saw that the father was blind. the daughter directed him. "a little to the right," she said.

above the bar on a big screen, the orlando magic was playing the boston celtics. i thought maybe i should sit at the bar, knock back a couple, and watch the game. boston was ahead. there was an old couple sitting behind me. the waitress brought them two taco salads. i ordered the el sombrero burrito with chicken. the waitress said, "anything else?" "no thanks," i said. a little while later, the waiter came up to me and said, "have you been taken care of already?" "yes," i said. taken care of. helped. such strange language for the food service industry.

my food finally arrived in a plastic bag with my check. i went back to my apartment to scarf it down with the intention of watching the first season of mad men, which i had downloaded onto my laptop. i carefully plopped the burrito onto a plate, while trying not to get any foil stuck to it. last time, i made the mistake of eating the burrito off the paper plate covered in foil, and i think that i might have swallowed some of the foil. the thought of eating aluminum foil troubled me.

i decided i would need something sweet to help wash down my burrito, so i pulled seventy-nine cents out of my coin box. i went to the shola market, which is only a couple of feet away from my apartment's entrance. inside, the clerks were watching the game on a tiny tv set. i got a can of pepsi and handed over the change. i waited until the clerk counted it. "thanks," he said. "thanks," i said.

i ate my burrito, drank my pepsi, and i watched mad men.

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Lizzie said...

mad men rocks!