just make stuff up.

i went to the king county courthouse today. my boss and i were supposed to observe debt collection hearings, but alas, there were none. we walked around the third floor a bit, and it struck me why i find courthouses so unnerving. they are a perfect combination of doctors' offices and church. the places i have come to fear the most. my boss told me what goes on at the courthouse, but i didn't really make sense of what she was telling me. i wanted to, but i just couldn't. it was a mass spoken in latin.

"did you say you wanted to go to law school eventually?" my boss asked. "no," i said, "well, i haven't completely ruled it out. i don't know what i want to do yet." "that's okay," she said. "i don't really feel like i'm good at arguing," i said. she told me that she doesn't see the law as strictly argument. she said she saw the law as way for everyone to achieve common goals. "were you nervous when you first started out?" i asked. "yeah," she said, "i always thought the nerves would go away at some point, but they never really did. once it was over, though, it seemed like it wasn't a big deal at all." she then told me about how she would make objections in court, even though she didn't really know what she was objecting to. "a lot of times, i would just make stuff up on the spot, and it would somehow all work out."

one day, i hope i can improvise, too, and have it all work out.

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Aby said...

I've always been fascinated with lawyers. I love movies with courtroom drama but once I had to visit court room for my Aunt's bail... Man it was scary and boring.