like a picture of a sunny day.

there's a lot of pressure to go out and do stuff when it's sunny in seattle. yesterday, i was up early since i had to take jaspreet to the airport. it was a nice morning, and i should've stayed up, should've stayed out, made something of the morning. i went to the post office, and a black woman behind me remarked, "nice day out." "mm-hmm," i said. "beautiful morning," she said.

during these rare sunny days in seattle, just about everyone comes out of the woodworks. there are more people jogging. bars and restaurants on capitol hill are packed more than ever. people hold barbecues at seward park, and all the hip hop kids cruise the streets at alki. i can't believe i moved back to a city where a simple sunny day is a rare, glorious thing. sometimes i think, what was i thinking.

i'm used to just sleeping most of the time when it's rainy and cold out. maybe i have seasonal affective disorder, i don't know. but now that the sun's out, there is no excuse. i feel really bad when i see a sunny day from my apartment window and i watch shows on my laptop until the sun goes down. there it goes. that rare thing that happens in this cold fish of a city, and i missed it.

it was sunny a lot in sacramento, but i didn't really take advantage of the good weather there, either. there, it would be too hot. it's too hot to go outside. that was the excuse. in seattle, it's usually too cold and miserable to go outside. is the weather ever right anywhere? well, today it's right, but i'm just blogging and doing laundry instead.

it's sort of like that joke on the simpsons, where lenny says he wants back those five minutes someone took of his time. defeated, he walks away and says, "ah, well. i would've just wasted it anyway."

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Aby said...

Your post reminded me of my childhood monsoon days, It use to rain very heavily then in Delhi and I just missed going out to play. Sunny days were rare... It use to rain continuously for days ... Man it use to be too gloomy and depressing but still I loved rainy days.

Unfortunately it doesn't rain that much now and I miss those days...