what's in your wallet?

i applied for a credit card today. i've never wanted one, and i still don't want one, but i've been told that if i ever want to establish good credit, this is the way it should be done. if i ever want to take out a loan for a car or a home, i have to put things on credit first. what a system, what a racket. i don't know if i ever want to own a car or a home, but i think it would be good to at least have the option available to me. thinking forward, being responsible. we straight men are all supposed to want the same things, right? a mortgage, an honest woman, educated children, and a line of good credit.

my pre-calculus teacher once told us young jesuit men about credit cards. he wasn't a rich man, but he was a smart man. he told us that the best possible thing to do in life was to buy the nicest house on the block, but also to drive the shittiest car on the block. he walked the talk. he had a decent two-story house in rosemont and drove something really small and terrible. my rich white boy classmates constantly ridiculed his ride, but he didn't care. in the end, he would win. he was sure of it. he said that he paid his monthly credit card bill off in full, and that the credit card companies hated him for it, since they could never collect any interest from him.

i wonder if he's got that house paid off yet.

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