chase what matters.

it was a hot one today. i went to the bank for lunch. well, first i took a nap, and then i went to the bank. i went to the one in the central district, hoping that it was still a washington mutual. it wasn't. it was a chase bank. i had to make a deposit of $60 into my account. i asked the chase clerk if i could make a deposit. she jokingly said, "no," and then she smiled and said "of course." i told her that i started my account at wamu in sacramento. she started having problems. she went to her coworker's computer screen to look something up. she asked me for my social security number.

it took her about eight minutes to deposit the money. i told her that i didn't want to have any trouble making deposits and withdrawals, so i should just get a chase account. she told me some dude could help me. i changed my mind. i told her i go to the bank near the university more often, so i should probably set it up there, instead. she said ok. i changed my mind again. she was taking too long, and i thought about having to wait in line at the other bank, and really, what difference did it make where i set it up so long as i set it up, so i just said i'll do it there. she laughed.

the guy who set up my new chase account was some young white dude. i pictured him just getting out of college, thinking about how he'd like to be a banker and make a lot of money. he filled me in on all the details. it looked pretty much like what wamu offered. i agreed to everything, and didn't read anything. i signed a bunch of papers and got forms for my direct deposit and all the other crap that comes along with starting a new bank account. i thought about what would happen if chase failed, and some other stupid bank had to take over it. i'd have to do the process all over again.

when it was all over, we shook hands. it was a completely stoic transaction. business as usual in america.

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Byron said...

Why'd you have to do that at all? All my wamu accounts transferred over to chase as soon as chase bought it.