clap your hands say no.

my nose was running a little because of allergies. i was listening to rap music on 92.5. the worst is when the music stops, and then it's brooke and monty's ladies' room show. the ladies room is awful, and i doubt that any listeners care about what brooke and monty have to say about anything. no, i'd rather be listening to soulja boy's "kiss me thru the phone" at 8:00 in the morning.

there isn't much traffic on rainier ave. s. in the morning. sometimes there is, though, when a bunch of cars are trying to get onto i-90 towards bellevue/spokane. i pass by a wendy's, a burger king, a 7-11, a qfc, a lowe's. this morning, i saw two men at a bus stop, and they were communicating in sign language. i thought about articles i've read in the past where deaf people got shot for doing sign language. ghetto gangsters mistook them for throwing up gang signs.

after i parked, i started walking to the school. there was a campus security guard waking up a black man who was sleeping on the lawn. i found this upsetting. i don't understand why undergrads can frollick around, sunbathe, and take naps half-naked when a fully-clothed, presumably homeless black man cannot. what upset me the most is the way the douchebag campus security guard woke him up. he clapped his fucking hands, like the black dude was a dog. i should've said something, and caused a scene. if i got arrested in the name of social justice, i think my boss would be cool with it.

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Anonymous said...

Or you could listed to Kube. Unless you don't care for T-man either. Hell, you could listen to a cd you whiny bitch!