the good lord is going down on me.

candice said to meet her in the park. i emailed back and said ok. hers was the first ad i saw in the musicians section of craigslist. the title was something like: seeking musicians to support girl-fronted indie pop band or something. i might've just been too lazy to scroll through all the other listings, as i knew i'd find the usual shit. "drummer wanted." "bassist needed for experimental rock band." "metal band seeking lead guitarist." typical craigslist bullshit. i decided to give her a chance. i listened to her songs on myspace. girl could write a pop song.

i drove to greenlake, and there was a ton of people there. i couldn't find parking. i was pissed, and i thought about leaving. i was also hungry. i drove around a while and thought that she probably wanted to meet in an open space just in case i was a serial killer. then i thought about how the location was a prime place for a serial killer to be. i finally found parking, and then i hung out by some volleyball nets. by then, i was already twenty minutes late. i was upset that she hadn't given me her number in the email thread.

she finally called, and then we met. "so, what do you wanna do here?" i asked. she had brought her bell set with her, which was a mini silver xylophone she had purchased in florida for $30. it was a cool instrument. i had my acoustic guitar. "we could run through some of my songs," she said. "okay," i said. i told her that i learned one song she had on myspace. i started playing the opening chord. "there's another chord after that," she said. she played the bells to show me what was up. it was actually three chords. "all my songs are easy," she said.

she showed me how to play some of her other songs. it took me a while to figure out the chord progressions, and then i'd still forget them. i let her borrow my guitar to show me how to play them. "how long have you been playing guitar?" i asked. "not long," she said, "just about a year and a half." i was jealous. the girl had been playing for a year and a half, and she could write really good songs. i have been playing for at least fourteen years, and the best i've been able to come up with is "indian with a mullet." to be fair, though, she had received classical training for most of her life.

i asked her how to play "jesus saves." "you mean 'dear jesus?'" she asked. "oh yeah," i said. she told me she only played it on piano, and she didn't know the guitar chords for it. she asked if i was a christian. i said no, but that i had been raised catholic. dreading what was coming, i asked her if she was. "yes," she said. i asked if she had found any other musicians for her band. "some," she said. "i was hoping to get more girls, but so far, only guys have responded. stupid responses, too. guys have asked me before to join my band, and i'd ask, 'what do you play?' and they'll say, 'i'd like to play you.'" she shook her head. "stupid," she said.

i gave her a lift home, and she said she'd email me some of her songs so that i could practice them. i'm not sure yet if i will or not.

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