ludlow vs. aldridge.

"you need a room?"
"yeah, i just wanna try these on." i was holding a t-shirt and a polo shirt.
she unlocked the door. "okay, my name's jamie. let me know if you need anything else."
"alright, thanks," i said.
i put on the t-shirt. i didn't really like the color. it was kind of gray, kind of white. almost like the shirt couldn't decide. i put the polo shirt on. i couldn't tell if it was too small and tight, or if it looked right. i felt like i used to know these things. should i be wearing a medium? i decided not to get either. i looked around the store some more, but didn't find anything i liked.

i went back to the fitting rooms. i asked jamie if i could get fitted for a suit, even though i had no intention to buy one that day. she said she would call someone to help me. i was disappointed that she wouldn't help me herself. a few minutes later, this fool showed up. he was wearing jeans and a plaid sportscoat. he shook my hand.
"my name's..." and then i forgot what his name was.
"so," he said, "are you looking to buy a suit today, or did you bring one in to be altered?"
"no, i don't have a suit," i said.
"now, is this for a job interview, just an everyday suit, or what?"
"it's for a wedding," i said.
"is it outside, inside?"
"i think it's inside."
"is it your wedding?"
"no," i said.

there was a woman behind him, and she was wearing a green cardigan. he introduced her, and said that she was in training to sell suits. he opened up the catalog, and he showed me the two different kinds of suits the store carried. one was called the ludlow style, the other aldridge. the ludlow style looked much sleeker. he said it came in wool or linen, whereas aldrige was more like a chino fabric. i didn't know what he was talking about, so i nodded along.

finally, he busted out the tape measure and took my measurements.
"what do you normally wear, waist-wise?"
"32," i said.
"now with the classic fit, sometimes that sits higher on the waist, so you'll normally want to go up a few numbers. don't be shocked when i measure you and the number is higher than what you normally wear, a 32," he said.
he wrapped the tape around my stomach. "see?" he said.
i looked down and saw that the number stopped at 37.

when he finished, he wrote down all the numbers on a card. he kept telling me that i should order in the store because if i were to order online, i'd get hit with a shipping fee. "and it's about $20, $25," he said. "okay," i said. i liked that he wasn't pressuring me to buy a suit right there and then. he didn't seem like a desperate salesman, and it actually made me feel more inclined to buy a suit, even though i didn't.

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