stop talking and listen.

i'm having a pretty damn good day. i wake up at 8 a.m. and it's sunny out. i listen to 92.5 on the way to work, and they're playing some dr. dre. i pass a cute law student on the street, and she smiles at me. i show up a little late for work, but it doesn't matter because no one is in the office. things are meaningless, but it's sunny out, so the fact that things are meaningless also suddenly becomes meaningless. i play line up on the computer. i read josh reads, a blog where this guy makes fun of comic strips. things are going well.

then, i get a phone call, and it's the worst thing ever. this woman is chirping about something. her cell phone is dying, or else her service sucks, and i can't hear her for shit. i catch little bits and phrases like, "hello," and "sdflghd." i am wondering if she has the wrong number. between her accent and the shitty cell phone, it sounds like she is an inarticulate chinese woman. i tell her again and again that i can't hear her, that i can't understand her. finally, she comes in clearer than she's been the whole time we've been talking. "stop talking and listen!" she says. i am dumbfounded. don't fucking talk to me that way. i will spit in your goddamn face.

she finally speaks into the phone, and i'm able to understand what she wants. she has a meeting with some woman in our office. the whole time, i am thinking, why didn't you just fucking come upstairs like i said to in the email i sent? she finally gets into our office, and she walks by my desk. no hello or anything. in fact, i think she even frowns at me. i apologize for the miscommunication. i think she says, "it's okay," but i can tell she is peeved. she is german. i hate her.

so, after all that went down, i went to lunch, and my misanthropy was slightly alleviated by such gems as what not to wear and project runway. the only german who can tell me to stop talking and listen is heidi klum. now, i am spending the afternoon figuring out schedules and reimbursements. but i think i'll play a few rounds of line up first.

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Aby said...

Nice day :-)