you're incredibly stupid.

at the reception table, i sat down next to martin. martin didn't really seem nice at all. he asked me what i did in seattle, and i told him that i go to concerts and movies and stuff. i also added that now that the weather has been nice, i've been running. he responded with, "is it just something you say you do, but you don't actually do it?" i felt accused of lying, so i just agreed. i asked him what he did for fun in north carolina, and he said, "nothing." i waited for a follow-up, and when none came, we both sat there silently. vern said something to me, and when i asked him to repeat what he had said, martin said, "he said, 'you're incredibly stupid.'" while i knew he was joking, martin didn't smile. usually, normal people who tell jokes smile after they've told a funny. normal people also don't make jokes like that when they've just met someone for the first time.

after a long time of saying nothing, martin asked me if i had always lived in seattle. i told him no, and that i originally lived in sacramento. i asked him where he was from before moving to north carolina. "south africa," he said. a response like that would've warranted some follow-up questions, but i was already irritated with him, so i just nodded. we sat there for a long time saying nothing, and when the d.j. finally announced that the crowd should move to the tent for cake and dancing, i was relieved. i didn't say goodbye or anything. i just stood up, and hauled ass out of there.

when the dancing had begun, i felt better. some people could really shake it. i wasn't one of them.

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