dear ricky.

dear ricky,

remember when we called you ricky drugs? heh heh, it was like your last name, but drugs. you were a big jock, and you could've beat the shit out of anyone in our class.

i remember when you'd play tetherball. you'd just stand there, dominating one player after another. i think i played you once, and i didn't even get to touch the ball. you just swung it around and around, higher and higher, until that stupid chain wrapped itself completely at the top.

someone took a dump in the shower stall at our retreat, and you stepped in it. we all had a good laugh about that.

some of the guys would say your mom was a milf.

you were a farm boy, but i don't think you lived on a farm. you lived far away, and no one i knew had ever been to your house. maybe it was a ranch. you could've lived on a ranch. i have no idea. nine years we went to school together, and i don't even know if you lived on a ranch or a farm. which was it, rancher or farm boy? you had warts on your hand once, and you showed them to me. maybe that's why i thought you lived on a ranch or a farm.

michael l. was reading something in the first grade, and some liquid dropped from his nose onto the book. he looked embarrassed by his leakage. you just looked at him and said, "snot." it was a funny word, and it might've been the first time i heard it. snot. you got us cracking up.

in kindergarten, you and i threw sticks and dirt at some girls. kristen was one of them. i don't know why i joined you on that one. maybe it's our natural instinct to humiliate women. whatever the case, we got in trouble for it. who's idea was that anyway?

you had a motorcycle, and when i found out about this, i thought you were a badass.

for a while, you went out with my friend's sister, christine. you were the first white guy i know who had asian fever.

at graduation, you got the most prestigious award, the ignatian award. christine gave you the award. i didn't know about anything you did, so i wondered why you were getting the award. i thought that i deserved the award more, but then i realized i hadn't accomplished anything, either. i wasn't even valedictorian.

when maria's family fell apart, and her father (or step-father) killed her mom, your family took them in. she and her siblings basically became orphans, and your family adopted them. i think your dad was a deacon.

you went to christian brothers, and i was jealous that you were going to be in a high school filled with girls. i hope you got some.

i don't know where you went after that, or what you're doing now. we just get older and harder to find, i suppose.

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