small navy thing with stains.

she said she wanted to meet at 7:00. i agreed to it, then proceeded to think about how i would kill two and a half hours after work. i went to the staff lounge, and this woman susan, was still in her office. she was wiping down a table in her office. "hello!" she said. i said hello back. "i'm just cleaning up a little in here," she said. i stood there, watching her wipe down her table. "can you believe this place hasn't been cleaned out since i moved in, back in 2004?" "wow," i said. "i think it's just you and me right now," she said, "everyone's gone." "yeah, i think so," i said. "what about you? are you heading out soon?" "my friend doesn't get off work for a little bit, so i'm just gonna hang out in the lounge." "oh. well, have a good weekend!" she said. "you too," i said.

i watched a little bit of the simpsons. a little while later, erin came in to get something to drink. i felt weird not saying anything to her, so i said something. "how late are you here 'til tonight?" "well, usually i come in later, so i stay later. i'm doing judicial clerkships right now, so i end up staying pretty late. last year, i'd be here until like four in the morning. it was my first year, you know, so i really wanted to just get it done. but emily's helping me out so much right now, so i don't stay later than ten." "geez," i said. "it's funny, though, the night staff knows me and everything!"

i tried to take a nap, but the only pillow was this small navy thing that had stains on it. even though i used it, i was paranoid about contracting lice or whatever else one could potentially end up with, using a public pillow. i fell asleep for a little while, but then i heard someone opening and closing a door. i felt the need to stay awake, to explain why i was still here on a friday evening by myself. "i'm not homeless, no..." i'd begin, or "no, i actually do have plans tonight, i swear!" but i don't think anyone could blame, really. the staff lounge has a great view, plenty of counter space, and a flat-screen tv with basic cable, all of which are severely lacking in my own apartment.

i went back to my office. erin came out. "are you a workaholic now, too?" i told her no, that i was just waiting for a friend. "there's only so much cable tv you can take!" she said. when my friend finally sent a text that she was on her way, i told erin to have a good weekend. "you too," she said.

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