haven't seen that one.

he couldn't believe this was a job, that people were actually paying him to do this, to sit and stare, to do nothing. in the last three days, maybe he answered an email, a phone call or two, but that was it. nothing else. after work, he'd go home and while the sun was still shining, he'd crawl into bed, throw the covers over himself. what am i doing? this is retarded! no matter what i do, i'm just gonna die anyway. he'd fall asleep and wake up an hour later, the sun still shining. i want to live, damnit!

he'd go outside for a walk, but there was nowhere to walk really, unless he wanted a drink or something to eat. he didn't want either. he packed up his laptop, some dvds and books which he needed to return, and then he'd start off for the library. there was a fool reading a newspaper outside of starbucks. a mother with two kids crossing the street. the 7 coming to a stop. teenagers with baggy pants, black t-shirts, red baseball caps and gold stickers still on the brims of their caps. an asian woman hobbling around. ethiopian men standing around, shooting the shit.

in the library, he hooked up his laptop and set it up to receive the free wifi signal. the internet there was faster than the one he had been paying for. worst. there was hardly anyone in there. who read anymore? he dropped his dvds and books in the return slot, then looked at some more dvds. haven't seen that one. he'd inspect the covers, looking for something that looked good. these days, he could tell a good movie by its cover. anything with tried and true actors, or it was the laurel wreath symbol, signifying that this particular film had won some award.

he'd sit down with his new loot and log on to check his accounts. no messages, nobody online. oh well. he was bored with it all - them all - and anyway, who needed it. all there was to talk about was some article, some new movie, some television show, somebody famous, somebody not-so-famous, etc. his world was devoid of any real emotion, any real discussion, anything real at all. he was surrounded by meaningless blather.

he watched a film he hadn't seen before, a comedy. the contrived storyline, the lack of plot, the artificial emotion and flawless actresses - it was all there, it was as real as it got. once again, he felt good about the world, as well as his place in it.

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H. Case said...

Thank God for comedies! =)