a historic occasion.

on sunday, i rode the light rail. there were signs in my apartment for it. free light rail rides 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. saturday and sunday! posted on a lamppost outside my building, there was a sign for $1.00 pedicab rides. a man on the corner waved to us, asked if we wanted a ride. i shook my head, and off he went. it was only three blocks to the light rail from my apartment, anyway. when we got to the platform, i saw the train was coming. we still had quite a ways to the stop, though.

the train sped past us, and we started running. a little kid was running to catch it, too. security stopped him. "what? why'd he get stopped and not us?" i asked. "because he's a kid," she said, "they're not as..." and then suddenly, we were in the light rail. we were at the very end, and it was a crowded car. all the seats were taken, except maybe one or two. not two together, though, so we stood. to our right, there were tourists with their mariners caps. in front of us, there was a kid laughing and pounding on the window.

a group of people - mostly the tourists - were laughing at the kid. "am i the only one who doesn't find this hilarious?" she asked. i shook my head. i wasn't laughing, either. the train went uphill, and the next stop was beacon hill. then, it went into a tunnel. "it's like a disneyland ride," i said. inside the dark tunnel, there was nothing to look at. then, suddenly, there were these flashing cards that sped by. they were holograms of playing cards, and a few of us were impressed.

"this is a historic occasion," i said. it made me think of the sacramento light rail, and i wondered if anyone remembered opening weekend for that. did they offer rides on opening weekend? was there a baby on board, making all the tourists laugh? there were no holograms, at least none that i knew of. the next stop was sodo, and then the stadiums. "wow," i said, "i can finally go to a mariners game!" "you have the coolest apartment," she said, and "you're well-connected now."

the final stop was in westlake. we got off and bought capitol hill block party tickets at urban outfitters. she wanted to look at shoes at nordstrom. when we tried to ride the light rail back, we couldn't. "there are too many people," a security guard said. he had on a yellow shirt like all the other staffers. on the back of the shirt, it read: historic landmark staff. he told us that we could catch a free shuttle heading back south. the shuttle was the number 97, and we could catch it at 5th and pine in front of the nordstrom.

we crowded into the bus, and we were relieved that it was air-conditioned. a little asian girl looked at my dirty feet. i had been wearing flip-flops all day.

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