in airplane mode.

i proctored exams again last night. it was good way to rot my brain, beat the heat, and make some extra bucks. i watched a little bit of bill and ted's bogus journey on hulu. by the time the grim reaper led them to heaven, i had the good sense to stop watching. this indian student came up to me. "i don't know my code," he said. "i'll go ask how you can get it." i went into the exam room and asked the exam coordinator what he should do. "he needs to come see me and bring photo i.d.," she said. "okay."

i went back into the room, and he was looking over his exam. "you have to go to the exam room and show your photo i.d.," i said. he looked at me. "can i just use your internet? i have it in my email." "yeah, sure." i closed out my gchat and allowed him to take over my browser. he logged into yahoo, but then the browser went blank. he looked confused. "i don't know why it's doing this," he said. "yeah, maybe you should just go to the exam room." the exam room was literally next door, and all he had to do was whip out his photo i.d. boom. code acquired. what the hell was his problem?

as he was struggling to figure out his code, another student came up to turn in her exam. she forgot to write the code on one sheet of scratch paper, so i reached over the indian dude to grab a pen. "no, that's my pen!" he said. he actually pulled it out of my hand. the dude was using my laptop, but i couldn't borrow his pen for a second. i didn't get what his deal was. but his breath stank, so i didn't really want to ask what his deal was.

before the exam began, too, another student came up to me. "i don't have a calculator," he said. too bad. dommage. tant pis pour vous. (on another note: is it weird that all i remember from french class is how to say, "sucks for you?") "can i use my iphone?" he asked. "umm, probably not, but i'll see if we can get you a calculator." he then told me two times that he would put his iphone in "airplane mode" so that all he could use was his calculator. was this guy fucking new? did he really think he could use his iphone during a law exam?

i went into the exam office for this guy's benefit, but mostly so i could grab another oreo. "i'm pretty sure the answer is no..." i began. the exam proctor laughed. "but this student forgot his calculator, and he wants to know if he could use his iphone instead." "no," she said. i didn't bother telling her his ridiculous idea to put the iphone in airplane mode. what a waste of words that would've been. i went back into the room. "you can't use your iphone," i said. "oh, that's what i figured," he said.

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Aby said...

It's funny. Kids remember to carry phone to examination hall but not the calculator which they'll need.

Must be the 'the modern way'

And that Indian guy must have been to superstitious to share his pencil.. hahahahaha