pride weekend.

last weekend was pride weekend here in seattle. all the gays were out, and all their rainbow flags were flapping in the breeze. it got me thinking about this discussion we once had in mr. caslin's theology class. mr. caslin was new, so as a rule, everyone hated him. also, he had replaced a young and busty redheaded teacher, so we all had it in for him. even if guys didn't find the redhead attractive, she still had big boobs, and at an all-boys school, that goes a long way.

anyway, the discussion was about gay marriage. it was mostly an opportunity for all the boys in class to vent their homophobic opinions, while mr. caslin tried to get us to see that we should all be open-minded, liberal, and jesus-loving. looking back, i think we hated him because he was so optimistic about everything. he like ned flanders if ned flanders ever took up teaching. it was senior year, so by then, we were sick of it. sick of school, sick of hearing about "the good news of the lord," sick of looking at each other. last thing on our weary minds was gay marriage.

not really knowing what i was talking about, i went ahead and joined the discussion. "i don't see what the big deal is about gay people coming out," i said. "i don't know why they all have to come out." what i really meant to say is: public affection - gay or straight - sickens me. humanity should just cease to exist. mr. caslin came back in full force. "why should only straight people get to show affection? why can't gays get to hold hands or attend prom without everybody shaking their heads?" i didn't answer him. i nodded like i understood what he was talking about.

i got sidetracked. anyway, this story is going nowhere.

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