sweatshirts and sunglasses.

erin asked if she could have some sweatshirts that are sitting on the desk next to mine. she saw the sweatshirts last night, and she asked if she could have them. they aren't my sweatshirts, so i said i didn't know. i looked into it, and she has to ask the dean of finance if she could have them. the sweatshirts have been sitting there for at least three months now, so i didn't see why she couldn't just take them. i would've taken them long ago, but they are not my size, and i don't like fleece.

last night, i bought a pair of sunglasses at andaluz. there was a black bumpster sticker near the register, and i wanted to know what it was about. the bumper sticker read: fuck ballard! free columbia city. when i went up to purchase my sunglasses, the dude behind the counter said, "sunglasses, huh?" "yep," i said. "that time of year," he said. "uh huh," i said. and then i asked about the bumper sticker. "you could buy it right now," he said. i asked him what it meant. "i don't know," he said. "i think carla's (the owner) friend made it. anyway, it should say, 'fuck ballard! columbia fucking city!'" i agreed with him.

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