everyone is stupid but me.

she said that she still believed in soul mates. i said, are you kidding? she said, what, you don't? i said i wasn't even sure if we had souls, and therefore the idea of a soul mate sounded pretty ridiculous. she said, you're not much of a romantic, are you? i said, no, i guess not, at least not anymore. she said, that's too bad. i said, did she really think she had a soul? she said, of course i have a soul! i said, prove you have a soul. she called me soulless.

i asked how work was. she said, it's pretty slow. she asked me how work was. i said, it's pretty slow, too. she asked if i ever thought about going back to school. i said that i did. she said, you do, but you're not going to? i said, i've thought about it, but i haven't made any actual plans yet. she said that she has plans, and she told me her plans. i said, that's good. i asked about her friend, the one who annoyed her. she said, i don't want to talk about him.

i wanted to talk about him, so i said, what's he doing now? she reluctantly told me about him. he was somewhere else, doing some kind of job. that's what we're all doing, though, isn't it? i asked why she didn't like the annoying friend. she said that he kept complaining that girls didn't like him, and it got old. i wondered, then, why i wasn't friends with him instead of her. it sounded like we had a lot more in common. i didn't try to disguise this. she said, he complains that when he first meets girls, they always immediately start talking about their boyfriends. i said that happens to me sometimes, too. she changed the subject. i liked that i had made her slightly uncomfortable.

i wondered what we had in common. were we just friends because we were too lazy to meet other people? do people become friends just because two people have nothing better to do on a friday night and weekend? are friendships formed after college strictly based on convenience, dissatisfaction, complacency? i wasn't going to bring it up. what are we doing here, exactly? who are you? who am i? why do we spend time together? one day, you will leave, or if i'm lucky, i'll beat you to it, and we'll never have to hear from each other again.

hot diggity dog, it feels good to realize this.

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