if i have to use the bathroom.

i'm proctoring right now. i can blog and proctor because all the students are typing away on their laptops. i want to break their little hearts. they are all 1ls and in the beginning, they didn't know what to do. one guy with shaggy blonde hair asked me, "where are the bluebooks?" at that point, i didn't have any for them. i told him it was a computer-based test. "oh. i didn't bring my laptop." no laptop? what were you planning on taking your test on, hopes and dreams? the dude looked straight out of a 90's surfer movie.

then there were other fools. one girl was like, "i don't anticipate it, but what happens if i have to go to the bathroom?" i wanted to ask if she was kidding me. "you can go," i said. another girl said her password wasn't working. this was a legitimate question, since she had the email that confirmed she was entering the numbers in right. "i don't know," i said. i told her to go to the exam room. she got up with her laptop still plugged in, and almost fell over with it. another girl waited until the last minute to tell me she forgot what her user i.d. was. thirty seconds before start time, this asian kid shows up and says he didn't get a test.

now they're all typing away on their laptops. what do they want to do? it's two (three?) more years of this, and then they'll have to take the bar. a three day test that my friend just went through. from the way he described it, the bar sounds awful. nine handwritten essays a day, for two days, and then an ethics portion. and then it's off to save the world, or else make a lot of money, or else serve coffee. who knows what's in store for these kids.

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