too smart for that.

he had a job at some stupid fast food restaurant. he didn't care for it, but he liked the lack of responsibility. they made him wear a stupid white uniform and a stupid white hat. he felt like a dope, but it didn't matter. a job was a job. he made minimum-wage, and he received a check every two weeks. most of the check went to paying rent and paying off his credit card debt. he could barely save anything, so he didn't even try. he ate at the restaurant, and didn't worry too much about all the fatty foods he consumed on a daily basis. health was the last thing on his mind.

he had girl co-workers, and he watched them when they weren't looking. when he'd get caught looking, he'd just look at the floor, and pretend that he was thinking about something else. all the girls already had boyfriends, so it wasn't like he could do anything anyway. his manager was a woman, and she was a nice enough person. he barely saw her. she'd come in for the morning, and she'd usually be out by lunch time. she'd hardly speak to him, and he appreciated that.

he liked doing the dishes. no one else liked doing the dishes, so he volunteered for it every time. doing dishes meant that he wouldn't have to talk to irritable customers, or see kids screaming and crying their little heads off. the sink was way in the back, in a dark, dark corner, and he could even play a little radio while he worked. there were always dishes to be done. the sink was never empty. it always a huge stack or an out-of-control stack. for some odd reason, he liked it. maybe the transparent futility attracted him.

his family gave him shit for it. "why are you working there?" they'd say. "why don't you go back to school?" they'd ask. "you're too smart for that place!" they'd tell him. it was all hilarious to him. he found it funny that such a terrible, low-paying job should upset so many people. sure, there were other jobs, jobs he'd even be overqualified for. but everyone kept wondering why he was doing it. why was he working for a fast food chain?

just four years ago, he had finished college and received a degree in theology. he tried not to tell too many coworkers about it, but every now and then, it would just come out. he looked young, so many people would just assume he was still in college, possibly even high school. they would ask what school he went to. "i finished," he'd reply. if they pried for more, he'd tell them the truth. graduated 2005. degree in theology. the reaction was always the same: "theology? are you going to be a priest?" this got old, and he would shake his head. "i'm an atheist," he'd say.

he'd try to not get in religious debates, but given the fact that he'd studied theology, it naturally occurred every now and then. usually, it'd be a young woman who would ask why he doubted god's existence. none of the men would ever seem to care. "oh," they'd say, or "cool." but one time, a girl got up in his face. she accused him of thinking he was better than everyone, and this and that, and how could he not believe in god, the almighty being that gave him life? that time, he played it cool. he shrugged his shoulders, and then went off to wipe down some tables.

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