a tv is a tv.

since i stopped giving a shit about anything anymore, i went ahead and bought a plasma tv. for a while now, my friends have been bugging me about my sparse apartment. they'd say, are you gonna get a tv? when are you gonna get a tv? what kind of tv are you gonna get? then they'd list off all the shows they've seen, all the ones i've been missing out on. i thought about if for a while, and this weekend, i decided it needed to be done.

my cousin and a friend accompanied me on the hunt. first, we went to best buy in northgate. i've never liked best buy. i don't know what it is. maybe it's all the blue polo shirts or the weird lighting. the first thing i saw was an open box item. i wanted to get it because it would feel like i was getting a deal. after talking with the salesman, i was assured it wasn't a deal. there was no stand, so i would have to wall-mount it, and that would cost extra to do.

i had no idea what the difference was between lcd, plasma, hd, and all that shit. i had my cousin do the thinking for me. he'd point stuff out like 780p vs. 1080p and 1080i and none of it really made any sense. there was also something about 1,000,000 to 1 ratio that i didn't quite get, either. "just act as though you were buying the tv you want for yourself," i told him. he was looking for the best deal. my friend was rooting for a lower-priced generic brand. insignia and dynex and visio. "a tv is a tv," he said, simple as that.

i thought about all the different shopping styles. there was my cousin who liked to research shit and find best deals on the internet. there was my friend who would just get the biggest and cheapest. had my other cousin been there, he would've talked me into getting something bigger, more expensive. he'd start his sales pitch with, "well, if you're already spending that much..." and then there's my parents who just buy the newest sony model again and again.

i thought about why i was doing this. i knew that it was wrong, pointless. was it so i could have friends over and do something other than sit on the couch and look at each other? was it because i've been bored and discontent for so long? was it because there was a part of me that realized saving was futile, or that i needed to do my part to help stimulate this shitty economy? i tried not to over-analyze things. i knew, though, that i was gonna leave best buy empty-handed.

per my suggestion, we went to target. i've always been a fan, since i've been able to take advantage of their lax return policy for years. they don't ask shit. here's my receipt, i didn't want it, now put the credit back on my card. i walked over to the electronics section, and i found a panasonic tv with a temporary price cut. something i could live with. i asked my cousin and friend what they thought. more or less, they both agreed that they could live with it, too. we had the clerk bring it around.

the thing was gigantic, so we had to come back the next day with my friend's mom's rav 4. i put the bill on my credit card. "you fucking sellout," my friend said. i told him that this action officially sealed the deal. my idealism was completely dead.

oh well. i'm sure i'll forget all about it once gossip girl season 3 starts.


beastmomma said...

Wow-- this post left me sad. On the plus side, you can become my friend on netflix and watch some dvds on the big screen. Are you getting cable as well? If you want to be cheered up, check out this funny ad: https://www.slapchop.com/ver19/index.asp

Humanity Blues said...

Life is oh so sweet!