how were our reviews on google?

i went to a third dentist in less than a year. the first one wasn't bad. she was located on broadway, near my work, and they told me they had to do a deep cleaning. i didn't want to do it, so i just ignored what they had to say, and i waited until my next six-month check-up to find somebody new. i went to that dentist, and they wanted to do even more work. they wanted to do a laser-assisted root debridement therapy that would span five sessions. insurance wouldn't cover everything, and they estimated that i would spend at least $1,000 out of pocket. i went to see what a third dentist had to say.

i chose the third dentist because he was located in near where i live. the office looked clean and new, and it felt like a real place. the receptionist asked how i heard about them. i said i googled them. she said why i didn't go back to my old dentist. i said i googled them and found negative reviews. she said, "how are our reviews?" i said they were good, even though i had only read one or two. i flipped through the magazine rack and found an xbox magazine. i didn't care what was in the xbox magazine, but i looked at it anyway.

dolores cleaned my teeth. she diagnosed me with periodontal disease, but said that i had it under control. "did your last dentist scare you into flossing?" she asked. i said yes. she told me to keep up the good flossing, and my periodontal disease would be under control. she said she had periodontal disease, too. she said, "what are you? chinese?" i said filipino. she said filipinos were more susceptible to it. she wasn't filipino.

with my permission, she got underneath my gums. she kept telling me to raise my hand or make a sound if it hurt too much. it stung quite a bit, but i didn't bother raising my hand. in actuality, it was nice to feel something, even if it was just the sharp tip of a needle raising my gums. it used to bother me as a kid, but i started thinking about how my brains works, and why some parts of my mouth feel more pain than other parts. i don't know how to explain it, but i actually wanted her to balance out the stings.

i had two cavities on my upper wisdom teeth, and impacted wisdom teeth on my lower side. she said those had to go. she gave me the number for the oral surgeon, and she told me to give them a call soon. i said i would, even though that's what i told my old dentist, the one back in sacramento, several years ago. even though the idea of someone cutting open parts of my mouth to remove bone seems super unpleasant, having to pay for it without insurance is even worse. therefore, i'll be giving them a call soon.

during our session, dolores randomly asked me if i thought cell phones caused brain cancer. i said that it was too early to tell. "don't you hate being the guinea pig?" she asked. i said that what freaked me out more was all the waves in the air, what with everything being wifi and all. who knew what in the hell that was doing to us? i liked her randomness, though. i'll be sticking with this place for now.

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