i hope this night ever ends.

he messaged me over xbox live, asking if i wanted to play basketball. i typed back: no ball. he asked, did i want to get one? i said sure, and we went to target in white center. i bounced around a $40 ball. it said "never flat" on it. i was interested in a ball that never went flat. that would mean i wouldn't have to buy a pump. "wanna go half?" he asked. "i don't know," i said, "i don't really wanna lose a $40 ball." "yeah, you're right," he said. i bounced around a cheapo ball, something for $6.99. "how about this?" i asked. "i don't want a cheap ball," he said.

we settled on a $13.99 ball. before he bought his, he pumped it up. i grabbed a ball, too, and i pumped it up, but i did it a little haphazardly, and the needle broke off. the ball started hissing. "let's get out of here!" i said. by then, he was on the phone with his cambodian friend, the one he had been wanting to set me up with for months. i didn't really want to get "set up" with his cambodian friend, but i thought it would be nice to meet someone new for a change.

we went to a bar called talarico's in west seattle. a few months ago, someone had been shot there. but according to my friend, someone has been shot in just about every restaurant, bar, and hotel in seattle. the girl was late, and so we sat there, drinking our beers, waiting for the girl to show up. he had a manny's, and i had a pyramid. there were some guys wearing football jerseys, and there was a football game on the tv. "that's a big screen," he said. "how big you think that is? 50?" "looks like a 50," i said.

the girl showed up, and she ordered some kind of wine. she didn't really look at me much, and i thought that was weird. i thought about how it seemed like an asian girl thing to do. and then i thought about how i was racist. they talked about something or another, and we all drank. i was feeling kind of off because i had a headache and because i always feel off when i meet new people.

we went across the street to a place called west 5. the girl's friend, another cambodian, joined us later. by then, they had finished off a plate of mac and cheese that was too salty, and i finished off a sundae that was mostly whipped cream. i heard the girl had a kid, so i asked about the kid. she said she had two. i asked how that was. she said it was hard, since she was divorced, and the father was in cambodia. she said, "how about you? married? kids? girlfriend? boyfriend?" i said no on all counts and then laughed at the last part when she assumed i was gay.

jokingly, my friend said, "i hope this night ever ends." but i was ready to go to bed.

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