sara and all her interviews.

it's oci (on campus interview) week at the school, and it's going to go on for another two. basically, students put on suits and interview with other suits. some of them are real go-getters. there's this one girl i've seen this week, and she's had at least eight interviews already. she must want a job really badly. i hope that she gets what she wants.

what separates them from me? i lack ambition. i lack discipline. radiohead is to blame, really. all i can think of is the line, "the yuppies networking," and i can never imagine myself doing what they do. putting on a suit. pretending i'm something more than an average person who is going to suffer through life and then, one day, die.

there was kindergarten. i thought i could be anything. a doctor, a lawyer, a businessman, an astronaut, a fuckin' c.e.o. they'd ask, what do you wanna be when you grow up? i don't even remember my answer then. i probably was honest, said i didn't know. i still don't know. and i'm grown up now. physically, at least.

the students make small talk with one another. they wish each other luck, even if they are competing for the same job. they flash their white teeth and spread their perfume wherever they go. they are grownups. they might be something more than average.

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