seahawk-colored sprinkles.

friday night and we were looking for parking. there really was no place to park. we drove a few blocks down, almost near the piers, and these two cops were dishing out tickets. "that's bullshit," someone said, "they can't give out tickets this late." we agreed that the cops were being dicks, and that they should've just let those cars be. we drove east, away from the cops, away from the piers, eventually finding something near the railroad tracks.

we went to krispy kreme because jacob needed to use the keybank atm to get cash to buy a scalped ticket. the rest of us were on the guest list. "nobody is gonna be scalping right now," he said. "i'm sure you'll find someone," i said. we went to krispy kreme, and i ordered a sprinkled doughnut with seattle seahawk-colored sprinkles. i got john a glazed one. i ate mine. "that wasn't such a good idea," i said, finished. "i don't think i've ever not regretted eating a doughnut," victoria said. "what are you talking about?" john said. "doughnuts are always a great idea."

we started walking to the showbox sodo. "anyone need tickets?" a scalper said. "yeah," jacob said, "how much?" "how about $20?" he said. jacob gave him the money. "that was easy," he said. security padded us down, and then we went to the will call booth to show i.d. "i'm on the list," i said. the clerk looked at her clipboard. "what list?" "i don't know," i said, "victoria said i was on the list." "but what list are you on?" the clerk repeated, annoyed. i called victoria over to help. she told me the list name. "junk culture," i told the clerk. "nevermind, i found it," she told me.

once we got in, i felt really old. it was a sold-out, all-ages show, and the youth was there to prove it. i decided then and there that i was gonna get buzzed and dance my ass off. a classmate from college was working the coat check. i said, "hi" but not much else. i liked the girl, but what else, really, did i have to say? jacob ordered the first round, pabst blue ribbons for all. i drank mine and commented about how it was like drinking water. "you're really supposed to drink these after you're already drunk," victoria advised me.

i ordered the second round, and then we just kept on going. some little blonde at the bar thanked me for letting her order first. in actuality, she just got the bartender's attention before i did. i said, "no problem" anyway. she started talking in a pirate voice, and then, because i had remembered the trending topic on twitter, i told her that saturday would be pirate's day. somehow, she knew this, too, and then she tried to give me a high-five or a fist-bump, and i couldn't tell what she wanted, so i ended up grabbing her fist and awkwardly shaking it.

i asked these two girls where there drinks were, and i knew it was a lame line, but i felt i had to do something. this blonde one started talking to jacob, and i thought it might go somewhere, but it didn't. her taller friend just kept texting, and again, i had nothing to say to anybody. when girl talk finally took the stage, we moved up to the front and began the drunken dancing. i finally realized what he was about. he played other people's songs and got famous off other people's hard work.

and it was a big party, and everyone was into it.

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