the straight man.

the 9 was crammed this morning and yesterday, too. i don't get why we can't just get the extended buses. as though the 9 is not a popular route. i could hardly get on. "that's it," the driver said yesterday, "can't let anybody else on!" i almost stepped off. "can i get on?" i asked. "you can get on," she said. i barely made standing room behind the yellow line. i stood next to a mexican in a baseball cap and a redhead in a green trench coat. a few stops later, the redhead hugged this old woman, who was de-boarding. "hi!" the redhead said. "your daughter is still sleeping in my bed!" the old woman smiled.

i listened to jay-z's blueprint 3. weeks ago, while i was driving down alaska street, a black kid sitting in the backseat of an old car said, "you got that blueprint 3 yet?" it had just been released that day. i told him no. "you gotta get that," he said. i nodded. then i downloaded it. i listened to "empire state of mind" on the way to work. i thought about how my friend said new york had a great public transportation system, or about this article i read about japan's, and i was angry that i was stuck on a crappy and full seattle bus.

i went to this training we had at the school. it was about the detention center. the presenter talked about how people get picked up at port entries, like sea-tac. for example, a mongolian woman came to the u.s. to escape domestic violence. upon entry, she told security the truth, that she was leaving her country to escape domestic violence. with those words, she nullified her guest visa. anybody else can come to this country if they want to shop, visit, and then go home. once the person says she wants to stay in the u.s. indefinitely, she's detained. some country, huh?

i walked through the park on 11th to get to american apparel. i've been wanting a new sweatshirt for some time now, and it was payday, so it was time to get a new sweatshirt. i stayed away from black and navy, since i always buy those colors. i wanted a gray one, but i was wearing gray pants, so i couldn't wear it out, the way i had planned. i went with a green one. another safe and logical pick. i've been told lately that i am the straight man.

that's my thing now, i guess.

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