we in charge.

i left work early yesterday to go see the oral surgeon. it was just a consultation, but i was already nervous about it. the assistant, jamie, took me back and had me stand in front of this giant x-ray machine. she pointed to this yellow plastic piece and said said, "bite down on the tip." i bit too far, and she told me to move back a little bit. instinctively, i apologized, and she said, "that's okay." i bit the right place, and she walked around and behind this purple wall. the machine came to life and circled my entire head. i wondered about the radioactive waves and what kind of effect they were having on me.

she brought me into this room where there was basically nothing but some cabinets, a green chair, and a sink. i sat down in the chair and took in the view of downtown seattle. i was up on the fourteenth floor, and i could look down at fifth avenue. there were people in the building across, too, a whole building full of office workers. jamie asked me why i needed my widsom teeth taken out. i said i didn't know, and that it was just what my dentist recommended. "are they giving you problems?" she asked. i told her no. she said she would call my dentist.

when she came back in, the oral surgeon, dr. galia, came in with her. dr. galia looked at my x-rays and said that my wisdom teeth needed to go. she said that the top two served no function, and that's why those had to go. the bottom two were causing bone loss, and that's why those had to go. i was slightly annoyed that the top two had to go just because they served "no function." she said that she would give me general anesthesia, and did i have any questions? i said no, even though i wanted to ask was any of this really necessary?

my friend has a point, after all. what did people do before dentists, before anesthesiology, before technology, and all that? the world is full of those who believe in god's will, faith and fate, and what happens happens for a reason, but everyone is always trying to prolong life, cheat death, get preemptive treatments, race for the cure, etc. i guess it's human nature to convince ourselves that we are in charge.

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