can i take some candy?

i'm here to see m. is she in there?
hold on, let me see if she's ready for you.
this is m.
hey, your 4 o'clock is here.
just give me two minutes. i'll come out and get her.
she'll be out in two minutes.
okay, thanks.

you know, we're always talking about you. how you're like the backbone of sj mondays.
oh yeah? i don't do anything, really. thanks.
yeah, you're amazing.
i'm really not. i'm not doing anything. quit thanking me.

is she here?
no, she's working from home today.
she hates me.

how are you?
i'm alright. how are you?
excited to be a 3l?
not really.
what's been your favorite year so far?
i don't really have a 'favorite' year. it's all just kind of been miserable.
well, what's your least miserable year, then?
i don't know. maybe last year?

where's this one?
i don't know. lunch, maybe.
can i take some candy?
of course. it's in the box under her desk.
cool. so, what's new?
not much. same old stuff.
yeah. is m in?
how are classes?
eh. what are you working on?
some spreadsheet for last summer's debt collection thing.
alright. thanks for the candy!
see ya!

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