later for all that bullshit.

my mom called me. "can you come pick us up? i think we need to take him to the e.r." i said sure, and then i said goodbye to my friends. i got in the car, and i started driving, thinking about how the virus was going to spread to me, how i was gonna end up spending the next week in bed, or with my head in the toilet. i drove up the hill, and then down the hill. i signaled to make a left, and i noticed the oncoming driver didn't have his lights on. fucking idiot, i thought. once he passed, i made the left turn and heard a loud pop and then crunch. "fuck!"

i got out, expecting the other driver to stop and turn around, but in the dark, and amidst the traffic on rainier, i couldn't tell who was responsible. i looked at the damage. the rear fender had been dislocated, the hubcap was underneath the car. "goddamnit." i looked back out at the street, but still, there was nobody coming back to take responsibility. "fucking asshole." i drove forward slowly, hoping that the fender wouldn't completely fall off, and i heard another loud crunch. "what the fuck?" i got out and realized i had been driving over the hubcap. i threw it in the backseat.

i went into my apartment, and my parents were sitting on the couch. "i got sideswiped," i said. "what?" they said. even my dad, who was seriously ill, managed to look shocked. "yeah, i got hit, and the guy took off." "i'm so sorry," they said, as though it were their fault. in all honesty, i did want to blame them. they had visited for two weeks, and i had slept on the couch, and then they could've potentially brought the h1n1 virus into my tiny apartment. and the whole time, they didn't even really want to explore seattle.

"i'm taking the day off. this is too much bullshit for one night," i said. i really enjoyed cursing in front of them any chance i got, as i never got to do this as a kid. it seemed that their logic was, get a college degree, and then you can swear all you want. i drove slowly down rainier ave., and i dropped them off at the swedish hospital's emergency room. there was no place to park, so i said i'd wait for them at the school. i went to the office, but there was too much going on in my head to use the internet. i went into my boss' office, put together a chair and two footrests, and then i fell asleep.

an hour later, i called my mom to see how much longer it would be. i heard my mom ask a nurse, and i heard the nurse tell her that they had just got there. "a few more hours," she said. "you'd better go home first," she told me. i drove home, annoyed that i'd have to just drive back within a matter of hours. i told my friend what happened to her car, about the hit-and-run, and jacob said i had to make a police report. i called the non-emergency line, and they told me to call back in the morning.

around 2 a.m., my mom called to say they were finished. i drove back to the hospital, and i picked them up. we drove back in silence. i had nothing to say, and i wanted the shitty night to just be all a dream. i wanted to just wake up and forget that the stupid night had ever happened. "later for all that bullshit," as prop joe would say. i knew i was going to have to wake up and file a police report, get medications for my dad, deal with the insurance companies, deal with the auto body shop, and all the awful things that adulthood entails.

and at the end of the night, i wouldn't even get to go on the stupid canceled date i had been looking forward to all week. fucking women.

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