seeing someone.

"so," i said, "i acted on what you told me about friday."
her eyes grew big. "really? what happened?"
i felt uncomfortable talking about it in the open. "we should probably go in your office," i said.
"so, tell me what happened," she said.
"well, i asked her for drinks on saturday, and she said that we could get together friday."
"wait," she said, "you asked her to go out on saturday?"
"no, i asked her this past saturday if she was free this week."
"oh, and she said 'friday.'"
"yeah, friday. but, she said today that she had to cancel."
her shoulders drooped and her mouth opened, giving off that oh-so-disappointed look.
"and," i continued, "she wanted to invite emily."
"emily? what emily?"
i pointed through the door. "our emily."
she looked confused.
"yeah, it's kind of weird," i said. "i told her that emily doesn't come to anything anyway."
"yeah, that's a little strange."
"i just don't get it."
"yeah," she said, "and i don't know. i don't know if she's seeing someone right now."
"yeah, well," i said.
"well, good for you, at least. carpe diem and all that! you know, you can't just wait around, waiting for life to happen to you. you have to make it happen."

i'm gonna wait around a little more.

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