you owe me restitution!

i watched it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown! by myself last night. it made me think of when i was a kid, and i'd watch it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown! by myself, but in front of my parents' tv. i'd be in their bedroom, and they'd be out in the living room watching something else that wasn't the great pumpkin. it'd be a school night, and it'd be on channel 10, abc. i'd watch it, and it would get me excited about halloween.

it'd be a school night, and since homework was a breeze, there'd always be time for some tv. maybe i'd have some ruffles with ranch dip, or a small bowl of dreyer's ice cream. i'd sit there, and wish there wasn't that boring part about snoopy playing the red baron. and when it was over, i'd be satisfied with it, and wish that it wasn't over. i'd think, they just don't make cartoons like that anymore. and then abc would follow it up with you're not elected, charlie brown, and it just wouldn't be as good.

and then there was that time that halloween was on a saturday, and i woke up early to watch cartoons. there was a movie playing called the halloween tree, and it was about some kids who had a friend who was dying, and the kids traveled through time. the dying kid scared me. kids weren't supposed to die. but there it was in a cartoon. some cartoon about a dying kid, and it scared me.

i also looked forward to the simpsons' treehouse of horror episodes. sometimes, they would air the weekend after halloween because of stupid football. but even then, it was kind of nice because i could feel like there was still a little bit of halloween left. i looked forward to them, and i was upset whenever i'd miss one. i looked forward to halloween, and all holidays really, because it was a nice break from the monotony of school life.

and now, they're a good break from work life, which may be better or worse than school life. it's still too early to tell.

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