bone marrow drive.

i was at taco del mar, eating a a super veggie burrito, as it was double-stamp mondays. i was all alone at the counter, eating my burrito, and the open sign partially blocked my view of broadway. there wasn't much to see. it was a cloudy day, and there was a billboard that wasn't even memorable. people walking, cars passing, just an ordinary day in an ordinary city. and then i got to thinking about those lakewood cops that got shot. how they were probably just doing what i was doing, eating a little breakfast, maybe checking their email, and then boom! boom boom boom boom, all of them dead. it was all over just like that.

i think about the individual. he grew up, loved christmas, learned how to ride a bike, had crushes on pretty girls, got his teeth pulled when they had to come out. he got acne, couldn't sleep after seeing a scary movie his friends made him go see, got nervous and sweaty before a first date. as a teen, he worked a boring job at a chain restaurant, and then he took exams to be an officer, and at his interview, he might've said that he was highly motivated and had good people skills. each morning, he woke up to that awful alarm clock and dreamed about the day he could sleep in, guilt-free, collecting his pension. and then he was just checking the sports online, and before he knew it, he was dead.

we decorated the office with tinsel and lights and ribbons this morning. lisa came in, and she said, "it looks like christmas threw up in here." and then she told us that we should sign up for the bone marrow list. she is interested in giving, in blood drives and bone marrow drives and writing to prisoners. who could blame her? she's 24 and beautiful and in love with the world. to her, the earth is a vibrant, happy place where anything and everything is possible. a land of opportunity, a land filled with love where liberalism and the good fight still matter.

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